Saturday, April 21, 2012

the traveler

I love traveling. Traveling is in our blood. My little brother is studying abroad in Stockholm, starting this fall! Jealous to the max. I always want to study abroad, but those programs at the college I am attending, they suck. Let's hope I will be able to complete my dream by studying abroad in a beautiful country, far away from home (: I want to learn the new language, food, and culture. And share my culture with people of the beautiful country such as Spain, London, Australia, New Zealand, and more. 2013, please hurry!

Lately, I am struggling with myself. After visiting the workshops about grad schools, it hits me that I am so unprepared. It gave me thoughts about what to do after graduating from this school. Go straight to grad school or take a year off? It just feel funny if I don't apply this fall. There are several grad schools that interest me (: BUT. I haven't decided which program I want to be involved in. Oh great. Now I definitely understand why seniors don't want to leave the campus. If I am going to take a year break, I would like to travel and gain experience for my major and maybe finding myself. Just kidding! (: So. Let's hope I will make my own choice sooner.

Anyways, I am looking forward to this summer. I am so excited about flying to Kentucky for my friend's pageant, San Diego for adventures, and lastly, Vegas! But I bet I am going to be very exhausted when I am done with my trips. I am hoping I will make one last trip before my summer ends with my boy (:

Til next time.
 I miss the simplicity of the life.

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