Thursday, April 5, 2012

go to united center

Hello! I just came home from Chicago last night (: I am still jetlagged, wtf. But there were only two hours between California and Illinois. Le sigh. This trip was wonderful, I want to thank my friend, J for being patient with my friend, Other J and me. She gave us the tour and provided her house for us to sleep in and everything she did, I am grateful for her to make our trip pleasurable. I hope she had fun with us clueless ladies (: So. Probably, some of you saw pictures from Chicago on Instagram. Best. App. Ever. The first app I look at when I wake up in morning! However, I want to share about each place Other J and I went to. And where we ate at!

It was around 6 AM when my friend, J and I arrived in Chicago. It was so cold and rainy on the first day, but we weren't letting the weather ruining our day. The first thing we did, we drove to McDonald for breakfast! Breakfast is the champ at this fast food place (: After that, we went to United Center to snap pictures with Michael Jordan. I feel cool standing next to the statue of Michael Jordan! More to be coming so keep your eyes glued on here!
Good night (:

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JIyoung said...

haha can't wait to see the pictures! :)