Sunday, April 8, 2012

go to lou malnatis pizzeria

Pizza, how I love thee! Few days ago, my mom and I were shopping at Costco and somehow pizza became our topic. Mom was telling me not to eat too much pizza because it was bad for me. Shush, I still love pizza. I want to do this Big Mama & Papa's Pizzeria challenge as soon as possible!

So, Lou Malnatis. I had a hard time picking which pizzeria to go since Chicago was famous for their deep dish pizza. What about Gino's East? Eh. With the recommendation from a friend, we chose to go to Lou Malnatis and I seriously wanted to hug and thank this friend! The pizza J and I ordered, it was so perfect. Not too thick crust and not too much cheese, it was absolutely perfect! I liked it when the cheese stretched! Yum! We ordered the infamous salad and chocolate chip pizza which was similar to BJ's pizookie. Fatty alert (: Go to this place when you are in Chicago!
 Excuse our faces -_- We had to fight against wind all night, but pizza made our night. See those buffalo wings? Other J ate them.

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