Thursday, April 12, 2012

find the inspiration

Ellen Stohl.

Google her.

But wait. I want to tell you something about her before you google Ellen Stohl.

She visited the museum in Brazil by herself. She had a vodka shot with an actor from TV show, 24. She got stood up by Charlie Sheen. She was involved in a film in London. She did scuba diving and bungee jumping. She was a model for Playboy magazine.

She sounds like an awesome lady, right?

Now, google her!

Yes, she is in wheelchair. But who cares? She is a human and she didn't let her disability stop her. She was able to do things that she never thought she would do. Those activities I listed above, she did them after her accident. She was only eighteen when she was in car accident.

When she came into my class, I wonder what she would talk about. Mostly sex. Therefore, her story was inspirational and I admired her for her attitude. She is the professor at my school!

So, I totally agreed with her. Seriously, people with disabilities shouldn't let this stupid word stop them. They are just humans and they have the ability to do anything they want. Maybe there is the limit to some people, but so what? You only live once. Grab the perfect opportunity before it's too late. Don't say no. Say yes. Be the yes person. Okay, maybe not YES all time! You get the idea (:

I absolutely love to travel. I am flying to Kentucky this summer to support a friend. Then San Diego for Comic Con and more places to visit like Balboa Park and Potato Chip Mountain in San Diego! Then Las Vegas. Next summer, I really want to explore outside of the country before entering the graduate school. I kept hearing about London and I am dying to go there! I don't mind traveling to Europe by myself. London, Paris, Italy, Greece, and more. I am afraid, but I think it would be awesome going there by myself. So much to plan ahead of time, but hey, you only live once (:

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