Thursday, March 22, 2012

write a play

When I was little, I announced to my parents, friends, and teachers that I will be a writer. I even carried this dumb little notebook with me around so I can write down short stories. I would brag to teachers and interpreters and showed them my stories. During recess, I didn't play. I sat down and wrote in my dumb notebook. So embarrassing. But writing brings great benefits.

In high school, Christmas plays were big. Very big. I was in the play for four years and I loved it. Remember me being a terrible actress? Yeah, I still am. I can't remember if I really wrote one or two plays, but I dearly loved this play that I wrote (or did I?). The theme was Shrek!

Writing brought out the creativity in me. I can't stop writing and there were too many papers scattered around. This Shrek play was so awesome. I loved the cast. I loved the pictures my mother took. The pictures captured the characters out of my friends. I seriously can't stop smiling when I see those pictures. I lost the script, and I can't remember what the story was about. But this play was very special to me because all of us shared the bond. Wearing costumes, eating In-n-Out, taking funny pictures, and teasing our director.

When this play was over, my dad told me that he kept hearing the audience laughing. I loved it. It made me proud knowing that this play happened. People congratulated me. They hugged me. My name was shown on the newspaper for writing this play.

I wrote another play during my senior year. It was about superheroes. Still, Shrek stole my heart. I will never forget the heart I had for this play. So happy it happened.

I hoped I will write and complete a book because it was my childhood dream. Writing a script would be awesome ;)

Enjoy the pictures of my favorite memory.

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Anonymous said...

Oh snap! I remember this! and the fusses we made with my hair! hahahah it was awesome! you raised the bar up for the upcoming generations hahah :D