Sunday, March 4, 2012

go to genwa kbbq & whipp'd

I am incredibly picky about Korean BBQ. Maybe I am tired of eating meat nonstop, but one day, I had the urge to eat the meat after giving up carbs. So the boy and I went to LA for a little sweet date.

Thank you, Yelp for existing! Seriously, what can I do without you? Lately, I bookmarked too many places in LA and I grew a bit more love for LA. When driving on the streets of LA, I looked outside and I saw the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and Urban Lights. Le sigh. LA, you are a great city, but NYC still stole my heart. There were more places in LA that I wanted to eat at like the Counter, Urth Caffe, Griddle Cafe, Little Next Door, 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, and more! Check out my bookmarks (: I promised myself that I will definitely go to awesome places in LA before moving to somewhere far.

Back to the kbbq! Genwa Korean BBQ? Ah-mazing! There were 20 side dishes. I am not kidding. Really good. Egg drop soup and tofu soup were involved too (: A waiter said that we were the quietest then later, he saw us signing to each other. He apologized about it. Haha, it was indeed noisy in this place!
My favorite? This rice drink! A must in every kbbq!

The boy and I are into ice cream and fro-yogurt lately. We looked at my BFF, Yelp and found a place! Whipp'd! I don't know there was one in Disneyland, but I seriously love the pineapple flavor! So creamy and pineapple-y (: The boy even liked it.
What a wonderful date (: You know it is food coma is when you fall asleep in the car on the way to home. Definitely a good meal!

Oh, what I like about Genwa, they gave out candies after your meal!

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