Wednesday, March 21, 2012

be on television/commercial

It was almost three years ago since I was in a commercial. One thing I learned about myself: I am a terrible actress. People kept asking me why I looked so sad. I am supposed to look sad! -_-

Kid me not. If you get me drunk, I promise I will give you the best acting skill that will give the WOW factor. But it was fun experiencing the process and meet the director. He was so gay, but so cute. For only two minutes commercial, it took us two days to finish it. I was baffled by that, but I am amazed by how the staff put their hearts and knowledge in this project.

Seriously, I learned a lot on how it works. Close up of my face was plastered on the screen of televisions so the staff can watch our scenes again and again. I was dressed by Colleen Atwood who won awards for best costume on some movies, isn't it cool?! The people were so nice.

Acting might not one of my favorite thing to do, being on television was checked off on my list (:

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