Monday, March 5, 2012


Happy Monday! I fixed my schedule so I can do my papers earlier and study for midterms that are coming up! Everything before spring break. Now, what am I doing for spring break? Last year, I went to NYC. This year, I am going to...

 Words can't describe how I feel about flying there. I get to travel with two of my favorite girls (: Chicago is where my friend lives so I am excited to see her hometown. Skydecker, Great Bean, Hot Chocolate, Navy Pier, Magnificent Mile, and more! 24 days left! Plus foodies to enjoy (; We the girls can't stop talking about C-word and kept daydreaming about this trip. Seriously, C, get out of my mind! I would like to visit Boston and Washington, D.C. next year.

Lately, I have my own obsessions that I can't get my eyes or tongue or nose away from them.

What happened to me? I love Modern Family, The Office, Friends, and comedy television shows and now, what am I watching? 

Breaking Bad and Dexter are so addicting. I just started on Dexter and became hooked on it. I kept begging the boy to keep watching Dexter, but due to homework and studying, we had to postpone it. I thought Dexter was about vampires because of blood -_- Thanks a lot, Vampire Diaries. I am on Season 3 for Breaking Bad and all I can say about this show, W O W. Full of twist and suspense. Watch those shows (:

Ahem, everyone wants their own signature perfume or cologne. Well, guess what? I found mine! It is called...

Teehee and the smell is so good! Better than Marc Jacob Daisy. I don't get why everyone loves this gross perfume. I took a whiff and almost gagged over it. Boyfriend smells so woodsy, but sweet and sexy. Come close to me if you want to smell it!

Oh my gawd! It is the time! Girl Scouts cookies! I can't believe how some of my friends never bought those cookies. You guys are the worst. A friend thought those cookies were made by a bunch of five years old girls -_- Samoas are my favorite!
Last one. I want to thank Daddy for introducing me to this product. My dad is the manager at a grocery store called Jons. I really admired him because he worked with people of cultures. He even learned how to speak to communicate with them! He was the one who discovered awesome cultural food and forced me to eat them like Persian food. I love him. Lately, he told me to try Greek yogurt with honey. It is the bomb. I can eat everything in this 40 oz. container in a day, but I refuse. A spoonful of heaven (:

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Ashley said...

Awesome, I'm sure you girls will enjoy at Chicago!

Hah, I ate Samoas last night.

Samoas FTW!! (: