Tuesday, March 27, 2012

two more days

til I fly to Chicago with mah girls!

So excited that I can't stop daydreaming about the trip! I can't focus in my classes. I can't study for this last exam five hours before my flight. Why?! Packing makes me giddy. Planning makes me dreamy. I think I am mostly looking forward to desserts -_- I hope not, but I get to see the true view of Chicago with my own eyes and spend quality time with those girls (: Back to studying!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

write a play

When I was little, I announced to my parents, friends, and teachers that I will be a writer. I even carried this dumb little notebook with me around so I can write down short stories. I would brag to teachers and interpreters and showed them my stories. During recess, I didn't play. I sat down and wrote in my dumb notebook. So embarrassing. But writing brings great benefits.

In high school, Christmas plays were big. Very big. I was in the play for four years and I loved it. Remember me being a terrible actress? Yeah, I still am. I can't remember if I really wrote one or two plays, but I dearly loved this play that I wrote (or did I?). The theme was Shrek!

Writing brought out the creativity in me. I can't stop writing and there were too many papers scattered around. This Shrek play was so awesome. I loved the cast. I loved the pictures my mother took. The pictures captured the characters out of my friends. I seriously can't stop smiling when I see those pictures. I lost the script, and I can't remember what the story was about. But this play was very special to me because all of us shared the bond. Wearing costumes, eating In-n-Out, taking funny pictures, and teasing our director.

When this play was over, my dad told me that he kept hearing the audience laughing. I loved it. It made me proud knowing that this play happened. People congratulated me. They hugged me. My name was shown on the newspaper for writing this play.

I wrote another play during my senior year. It was about superheroes. Still, Shrek stole my heart. I will never forget the heart I had for this play. So happy it happened.

I hoped I will write and complete a book because it was my childhood dream. Writing a script would be awesome ;)

Enjoy the pictures of my favorite memory.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

be on television/commercial

It was almost three years ago since I was in a commercial. One thing I learned about myself: I am a terrible actress. People kept asking me why I looked so sad. I am supposed to look sad! -_-

Kid me not. If you get me drunk, I promise I will give you the best acting skill that will give the WOW factor. But it was fun experiencing the process and meet the director. He was so gay, but so cute. For only two minutes commercial, it took us two days to finish it. I was baffled by that, but I am amazed by how the staff put their hearts and knowledge in this project.

Seriously, I learned a lot on how it works. Close up of my face was plastered on the screen of televisions so the staff can watch our scenes again and again. I was dressed by Colleen Atwood who won awards for best costume on some movies, isn't it cool?! The people were so nice.

Acting might not one of my favorite thing to do, being on television was checked off on my list (:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

fall in love

It started when I was in sixth grade and him in eighth grade. How did we look? Like that:
HOLY @#$%!, you said. That's right, that's us. Except I was in eighth grade and him as freshman in high school in this picture. I still can't get over how skinny I was and how small my eyes were! How the heck did my eyes get bigger? No circle lens, I swear. As for this boy, no comment.

You know how middle schoolers do. Teasing, crying, flirting, and rest of teenager stuff. He teased me a lot, but I think I was called as his Grandma -_- However, I thought he was adorable, but I was super shy at this time. I barely talked to him! So I avoided him most of the time.

Fast forward to when he went to high school. We stayed in touch by texting and emailing. I was such a noob with texting. I was slow at texting! My first cell phone was a flip phone so you know how annoying T9 was, right? My parents, mainly Mum was strict on me and lil bro. No TV and internet and AIM. My life sucked.
However, back to the story, he and I emailed to each others a lot. What else? Oh, someone with a big mouth told me that he liked me. I was surprised because we barely see each others. We rode in different bus so we didn't see each others much. We still remained in touch.

Fast forward to my freshman year. There he was. Again, I was avoiding him. Because I knew he liked me and he didn't know that I knew. Our friends already knew about him liking me. Very awkward. Nobody knew that I knew. Very very awkward. I remember that time, someone told me to hug him for few seconds. Few seconds?! I think he was secretly excited at this time. Like how he finally got a hug from a girl he liked. Still friends.
Fast forward to Valentine's Day. He surprised me with a dozen red roses and a beautiful poem. I still keep it! He had a talent at writing poems. On this day, I rejected him. I was flattered by his gifts, but it made me uncomfortable. Maybe I was not ready. I still haven't told him.

Sadie was drawing near. Girls were supposed to ask boys to the dance, but I didn't ask anyone. He waited for me to ask him so he did everything in his power to make me his date. Somehow, he became the third wheel with my girlfriend and me. I will never forget this pink shirt story! I thought that we would better be friends. I was sure that he would find a girl better than me. So I told him in person that I would like us to be friends.
The biggest mistake. This year was his junior year. After this day, he went through the phase. What phase, you ask? Emo phase. Nah, not black eyeliner. He mostly listened to emo music and grew his hair longer. I felt bad, but I moved on.

Suddenly, before the summer came, he liked someone else. The burden on my shoulders finally lifted up. It made me feel better knowing that he had moved ahead. It was a perfect time for us because we can finally talk as friends.
It was getting weirder because we instantly became close friends and we would randomly talked about anything. From stories, advices, and arguments. He was still dating this girl he liked, but people kept saying that we fought like an old married couple. Slowly, we hung out often and became best friends. Beside, my best girl friend, of course.

He graduated from the high school. It was a happy night for him. I didn't develop any feelings for him. First year in college for him and junior year for me. We texted, emailed, and webcammed to each other a lot. I missed him a lot. He was so easy to talk to and I can tell him about everything without him judging me.
The connection between this girl and him dropped. I helped him getting back on his feet and he continued on his studies. School year went by fast. More visits from him. I asked him to be my date for Sadie. My inspiration came from The Office.
We still hung out. This time, he tried to confess to me! But I kept ignoring him then it hits me one day. I really really like him. I never noticed it all of the time.
Few days before my birthday, my friends and he surprised me at Claim Jumper. One of my favorite places before it became shitty.
We agreed that this picture was the worst picture of ourselves. Look at us -_-

He drove me home and all the time I wasn't listening to him. I was thinking to myself, "Should I tell him? No, not now. Or now?" When I came out of the car, he offered to walk me to the door. Reaching the door, I thanked him for a great birthday then hugged him. At this moment, it was him who admitted that he liked me. He was afraid to tell the truth because I might reject him for the third time.

Well, for the third time, I accepted him. He was the same dorky kid I knew back in the sixth grade, but somehow, I fell for him through those years.

We went on our first date. He asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes. We said good bye before he went back to college. Back to video chats, texts, and emails. Long distance relationship was hard. We were only a hour away from each other, but hey, it was tough for us! Once, we hadn't seen each other for a month. Oh man.
Senior year. Sadies. Prom. Anniversary. College. Adventures. In love.
Three years and five months had passed. He will graduate this semester and I will graduate next year. It was amazing how much we had grown since our days in middle school. Did we change? Yes, mainly his smile and my eyes and our hairstyles. Just kidding! Sometimes, I was afraid that our spark will fade away. School and work keep us busy, but he said that it will not stop here. Surprises and adventures will come ahead of us. I can't wait (: Remember something from our love story, the one you are waiting for, he or she might be standing right in front of you. Take your chance because you only live once.

Happy three years and six months, babe.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Happy Monday! I fixed my schedule so I can do my papers earlier and study for midterms that are coming up! Everything before spring break. Now, what am I doing for spring break? Last year, I went to NYC. This year, I am going to...

 Words can't describe how I feel about flying there. I get to travel with two of my favorite girls (: Chicago is where my friend lives so I am excited to see her hometown. Skydecker, Great Bean, Hot Chocolate, Navy Pier, Magnificent Mile, and more! 24 days left! Plus foodies to enjoy (; We the girls can't stop talking about C-word and kept daydreaming about this trip. Seriously, C, get out of my mind! I would like to visit Boston and Washington, D.C. next year.

Lately, I have my own obsessions that I can't get my eyes or tongue or nose away from them.

What happened to me? I love Modern Family, The Office, Friends, and comedy television shows and now, what am I watching? 

Breaking Bad and Dexter are so addicting. I just started on Dexter and became hooked on it. I kept begging the boy to keep watching Dexter, but due to homework and studying, we had to postpone it. I thought Dexter was about vampires because of blood -_- Thanks a lot, Vampire Diaries. I am on Season 3 for Breaking Bad and all I can say about this show, W O W. Full of twist and suspense. Watch those shows (:

Ahem, everyone wants their own signature perfume or cologne. Well, guess what? I found mine! It is called...

Teehee and the smell is so good! Better than Marc Jacob Daisy. I don't get why everyone loves this gross perfume. I took a whiff and almost gagged over it. Boyfriend smells so woodsy, but sweet and sexy. Come close to me if you want to smell it!

Oh my gawd! It is the time! Girl Scouts cookies! I can't believe how some of my friends never bought those cookies. You guys are the worst. A friend thought those cookies were made by a bunch of five years old girls -_- Samoas are my favorite!
Last one. I want to thank Daddy for introducing me to this product. My dad is the manager at a grocery store called Jons. I really admired him because he worked with people of cultures. He even learned how to speak to communicate with them! He was the one who discovered awesome cultural food and forced me to eat them like Persian food. I love him. Lately, he told me to try Greek yogurt with honey. It is the bomb. I can eat everything in this 40 oz. container in a day, but I refuse. A spoonful of heaven (:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

go to genwa kbbq & whipp'd

I am incredibly picky about Korean BBQ. Maybe I am tired of eating meat nonstop, but one day, I had the urge to eat the meat after giving up carbs. So the boy and I went to LA for a little sweet date.

Thank you, Yelp for existing! Seriously, what can I do without you? Lately, I bookmarked too many places in LA and I grew a bit more love for LA. When driving on the streets of LA, I looked outside and I saw the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and Urban Lights. Le sigh. LA, you are a great city, but NYC still stole my heart. There were more places in LA that I wanted to eat at like the Counter, Urth Caffe, Griddle Cafe, Little Next Door, 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, and more! Check out my bookmarks (: I promised myself that I will definitely go to awesome places in LA before moving to somewhere far.

Back to the kbbq! Genwa Korean BBQ? Ah-mazing! There were 20 side dishes. I am not kidding. Really good. Egg drop soup and tofu soup were involved too (: A waiter said that we were the quietest then later, he saw us signing to each other. He apologized about it. Haha, it was indeed noisy in this place!
My favorite? This rice drink! A must in every kbbq!

The boy and I are into ice cream and fro-yogurt lately. We looked at my BFF, Yelp and found a place! Whipp'd! I don't know there was one in Disneyland, but I seriously love the pineapple flavor! So creamy and pineapple-y (: The boy even liked it.
What a wonderful date (: You know it is food coma is when you fall asleep in the car on the way to home. Definitely a good meal!

Oh, what I like about Genwa, they gave out candies after your meal!