Saturday, February 18, 2012

valentine's day cupcakes

I already posted it on Instagram, but it was the only picture I took of my cupcakes!

You probably wait and wait forever for a post on cupcakes. I looked back and realized that I didn't share anything about cupcakes so here it is, the very first post about cupcakes (:

The reason why I love cupcakes so much are:

-Frosting is made beautifully.
-Different flavors blend together beautifully.
-Cupcakes are small and cute.
-I can make them at home.
-You can hold cupcakes with your hands unlike a slice of cake.

The list goes on, but I dearly love cupcakes so much! I never buy a cupcake from the bakery like never.

My dream is to create my own cupcake from scratch (:

So Valentine's Day had passed and I was done with exams. I had cake mixes waiting to be baked so why not? I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes with butterscotch chips. I wanted to make a pink frosting, but it was a disaster. Instead I melted chocolate to draw a heart on a cupcake then put sprinkles on it.

So pretty (:

I decided to make it my goal by making cupcakes each month! I already knew what to make for March (; Stay tuned! Eat cupcakes and spread the love.

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