Saturday, February 4, 2012

take your dog to the park

Want to hear something funny? I never take my dog, Tyson to park like ever.

1. I don't drive.
2. My dog cries if Mom isn't with him
3. I get spooked when walking on my street.

The boy suggested that we go to park together and walk Tyson. I don't mind! Oh, I am the poop carrier while he walks Tyson. I am pro at my cool job. We mainly walked and enjoyed the scene. Want to hear something funnier? I wore flip flop to the park.

Nothing will stop me! I want to snap some pictures for my assignment (again!) It's hard to find something good during the daylight. I had to jump and squirm to capture the pictures. Tyson is the star in most of my pictures.
Tyson is becoming shaggier everyday.

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