Saturday, February 4, 2012

take a photography class

My grandpa is a good photographer like really good photographer. Yes, I am bragging. When I was little, I saw those photos on the walls at my grandparents' house and I thought they were paintings. Later, I found out that Grandpa snapped them. I love how he took lovely pictures of landscapes, people, and family (: Now he bought his first digital camera and he seemed to do alright with it. (He is 82 years old!)

I thought it would be great opportunity for me to take a class on campus to learn how to take pictures with this fancy camera. What I don't know is how incredibly tough SLR is. I have to adjust the light and speed, but practice will make it perfect. I borrowed my Dad's Nikon D50 and I am being extra careful with it! I lost and broke my digital cameras at least three times -_- I bring bad luck.

Today, I took few pictures for my assignment. Still more to go! Here is one for today.

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