Saturday, February 25, 2012

mum update

Not many people asked me how my mom was doing. Screw you! But I want to share something.

My mom finally wore makeup today. No, her beloved hair hadn't grown to certain length she wanted. Anyways, she was excited about it, looking beautiful and everything. Here I am, just like a mother, hovering over her.

Make your eyebrows looking thicker. More lip gloss so your lip can shine.

I found it funny that she was wearing false eyelashes! I miss wearing them. 

It was hard to believe how a year (almost!) had flown since this night when she told me that she had breast cancer. She finished her chemotherapy. Boo yah. No more long ass needle sticking inside her arm. No more showering in my bathroom. No more feeling nauseous. Now she is doing radiation everyday.

Mum is my role model. She started to eat healthy and exercised often. She admitted that she wanted to live. Not for me. Not for Matt. Not for Dad. Not for Tyson, too! She wanted to live for herself. Such as taking classes and learning something new. I suggested massage and she said no -_- Yoga! And something fun since she didn't have to worry about me and Matt anymore. I tried not to tell her my problems so I had to solve them myself. I wanted her to live longer to see me graduate, marry, and live the life I dream of.

I am very proud of her for working harder just to live even if I wasn't there for her. I hope she is able to get her youth back like having fun with her friends and leaving me alone at home. (True story)

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