Wednesday, February 8, 2012

make cake pops

I like cupcakes. I like cakes. I like cookies. I like cake pops! So easy to make (: C'mon, cake pops are already famous so you should know what they are! I made my first batch of cake pops during my senior year in high school for my friend's birthday. Except we didn't use sticks. We used a box shaped like a circle and filled it with white, red, and black cake pops. The result? Pokeball! (: 
Seriously, I swear! It was a great invention, all thanks to Bakerella for creating cake pops. February 1st was declared to be cake pop day. Next year on February 1st, I will make cake pops!

Yesterday, my roommates and I made red velvet cake pops with supplies from a friend who wasn't able to be there with us. Excuse our deformed cake pops, imperfect cake pops are my favorite. They tasted wonderful (:

So how do I make cake pops? Here's the original recipe. Yummy (: Oh yeah, since we didn't have styrofoam block, that's what we used..
We are the geniuses.

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cute :)