Wednesday, February 1, 2012

it is the first day of february

I bet you will roll your eyes when you land your eyes on on this term, February
Or maybe your professor will announce, "Hey! It's the first day of February!" 
It means Valentine's Day. 
Or President's Day, but we don't have any classes cancelled. 
Valentine's Day is known as SAD (Single Awareness Day) Isn't this abbreviation awesome? Big kudos to this person who created this word! 
However, I don't think Valentine's Day should be spent with a guy or a girl. It should be well spent with the people you love. Send cute texts to your girlfriends. Big hugs to your parents. Big wet kisses to your little brothers and sisters. All of them to your boyfriend or girlfriend (: I am really excited for this Valentine's Day because I get to make my own gift for the boy! Plus something extra for others (: Let's hope February will be better than the end of January. 
Since it is February, I thought I could share my love story later. It was difficult writing about it because it was horribly long. It took us seven years until we finally got together -_- I hope I can persuade the boy to write this story. He is better with words than I am! More lovey dovey stuff later (:

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