Monday, February 27, 2012

having withdrawals

Here I am, munching on brown rice crackers.


I gawked at the boy eating pasta with black olives and chicken pieces. I totally can smell it. I can feel my stomach growling. I had to stuff myself with strawberries or carrots. Boo hoo.

I saw some recipes online that made me wanting to die. But wait. I will just put those recipes on here so I won't forget about them! (: Some recipes require whole wheat flour which is awesome, but you know what? I will just wait. Do not bake them without me or I will be mad at you. Or kick you on your ass. Beware.

puffed pancake
whole wheat cookies
chewy chocolate meringues

thumb print cookies
 black bottom cupcakes
and lastly, because I can't eat pasta. And I love cheese. So much.
mac and cheese cups

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jiyoung said...

omggg i was thinking the same thing, mac n cheese cups!