Monday, February 27, 2012

having withdrawals

Here I am, munching on brown rice crackers.


I gawked at the boy eating pasta with black olives and chicken pieces. I totally can smell it. I can feel my stomach growling. I had to stuff myself with strawberries or carrots. Boo hoo.

I saw some recipes online that made me wanting to die. But wait. I will just put those recipes on here so I won't forget about them! (: Some recipes require whole wheat flour which is awesome, but you know what? I will just wait. Do not bake them without me or I will be mad at you. Or kick you on your ass. Beware.

puffed pancake
whole wheat cookies
chewy chocolate meringues

thumb print cookies
 black bottom cupcakes
and lastly, because I can't eat pasta. And I love cheese. So much.
mac and cheese cups

Saturday, February 25, 2012

mum update

Not many people asked me how my mom was doing. Screw you! But I want to share something.

My mom finally wore makeup today. No, her beloved hair hadn't grown to certain length she wanted. Anyways, she was excited about it, looking beautiful and everything. Here I am, just like a mother, hovering over her.

Make your eyebrows looking thicker. More lip gloss so your lip can shine.

I found it funny that she was wearing false eyelashes! I miss wearing them. 

It was hard to believe how a year (almost!) had flown since this night when she told me that she had breast cancer. She finished her chemotherapy. Boo yah. No more long ass needle sticking inside her arm. No more showering in my bathroom. No more feeling nauseous. Now she is doing radiation everyday.

Mum is my role model. She started to eat healthy and exercised often. She admitted that she wanted to live. Not for me. Not for Matt. Not for Dad. Not for Tyson, too! She wanted to live for herself. Such as taking classes and learning something new. I suggested massage and she said no -_- Yoga! And something fun since she didn't have to worry about me and Matt anymore. I tried not to tell her my problems so I had to solve them myself. I wanted her to live longer to see me graduate, marry, and live the life I dream of.

I am very proud of her for working harder just to live even if I wasn't there for her. I hope she is able to get her youth back like having fun with her friends and leaving me alone at home. (True story)

Friday, February 24, 2012

what to give up for lent

I am Catholic. I forgot about Ash Wednesday until I saw it as Facebook status a day before Ash Wednesday. Hooray for Facebook.

Time flew so quickly like oh my goshness, Ash Wednesday already?!

I haven't gone to the church for a while. When I mean a while, I mean like almost never. Shame on me. Still, I have my beliefs in this religion. The boy said that I didn't have enough faith in myself and Him. It was brought up when I confessed that I am scared about giving birth in the future -_- My classes this semester are mostly on child development so more birthing videos for me. I hope I will be able to gain my faith and confidence for whatever appears in my life.

I kept thinking about what to give up for Lent. I wanted something that will make me a better person. Something positive. College for Lent would be awesome vacation (;  Instead, I settled down for 40 days (or 37 days) of no carbs. I thought about trying low carb diet and I researched a lot on it.

Please don't say, "Kimberly, you look fine! You are skinny!"

I want to try a life with no carbs. I seriously love carbs. I can list them down!

Pasta, rice, cereal, bagels, English muffins, donuts, cakes, baguette, French bread, garlic bread, and lastly cupcakes.

They are what I will give up ): I am in early 20s and it is time for me to eat healthy and exercise often. I don't want to find out at 40 that I have a disease for eating too much bread. I will eat rice because I am Asian! Nah, I will eat healthy version of the carbs such as whole wheat bread and pasta and brown rice. For desserts? Use whole wheat flour, almond flour, coconut flour!

I will definitely bake for next month's cupcake, but a cupcake for me? Nope. I will sit and watch people munching on my cupcakes with desperation. Just kidding, I can do it!

My storage will be full of fruits, vegetables, and tofu! Teehee. It will be fun looking up recipes on dishes with tofu (:

meet bambi

No, it's not this adorable Disney deer. Or reindeer? Whatever.

Remember when I mentioned that I got something awesome from the boy for Valentine's Day? It surely beats the roses, orchids, and tulips!

Meet Bambi the...

It will live forever and ever if I take proper care of my plant (: I am horrible at taking care of things except my dog. I let things die or break. I want Bambi to grow stronger, taller, and sexier! And stick with me and the boy forever (;

Oh, he got me a bracelet! With my favorite flower and birthstone. I love you, babe.
I know my pictures are blurry, just shut up. 
Have a good weekend.

Monday, February 20, 2012

go to getty center

 Butts were everything. 
I went to Getty Center when I was a child, but hello, I was a kid and I hate waiting. I spent most of my time sitting on the couches and staring at an oil painting of a naked woman. Years later, I got the chance to go there with friends for her art assignment. Bus transportation for my first time. Thank goshness, I have friends with me, I suck at directions! I was shaken up by this drunken man sitting next to me in the bus, but a funny story to remember.
We arrived around noon, so we strolled to the cafe for lunch. I was drawn to the menu entitled, Grilled. Hello brie, cheddar, apple butter grilled cheese!
Look at my right eye -_-
Stuffed from the fabulous lunch and the amazing crispy fries, we moved on to the art! It was quite cloudy this day. I saw...
a man sketching...
a father pushing the stroller around the foundation...
a girl impersonating the statue...
a status with a goat tail..
three girls trying to find the amazing photographer for the amazing picture of the amazing view...
that the garden was closed...
a leaf imprinting on the stairs...
a betsy johnson sunglasses...
and an enormous insect on the wall.

Minerva, Isis, and Juno had a wonderful day at the Getty Center (:

Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

valentine's day cupcakes

I already posted it on Instagram, but it was the only picture I took of my cupcakes!

You probably wait and wait forever for a post on cupcakes. I looked back and realized that I didn't share anything about cupcakes so here it is, the very first post about cupcakes (:

The reason why I love cupcakes so much are:

-Frosting is made beautifully.
-Different flavors blend together beautifully.
-Cupcakes are small and cute.
-I can make them at home.
-You can hold cupcakes with your hands unlike a slice of cake.

The list goes on, but I dearly love cupcakes so much! I never buy a cupcake from the bakery like never.

My dream is to create my own cupcake from scratch (:

So Valentine's Day had passed and I was done with exams. I had cake mixes waiting to be baked so why not? I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes with butterscotch chips. I wanted to make a pink frosting, but it was a disaster. Instead I melted chocolate to draw a heart on a cupcake then put sprinkles on it.

So pretty (:

I decided to make it my goal by making cupcakes each month! I already knew what to make for March (; Stay tuned! Eat cupcakes and spread the love.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a coupon book for him

For Valentine's Day, I wanted to do something creative, but sweet enough for the boy to hold on it until February 14, 2015! The only thing is missing and it is date stamper. It would be cool owning it (: The inspiration came from here. I think she did it better than I did mine. Something about her coupon book screamed, "I am so creative!" Well, I decorated mine with stickers (: Lots of stickers, actually. I wanted to get penguin stickers since they were the boy's favorite animals, but the price at Target was dumb. I prefer 99 cents stickers!

Your boy or girl will love coupon book! (: Trust me.

Monday, February 13, 2012

3 years & 6 months

Blah, blah, blah, oh it's Valentine's Day so you guys have to celebrate it!

Say what?
Yo. The boy and I just celebrated our three years and six months anniversary (A day after Valentine's Day!) We still made it extra special with Valentine's Day. I do believe that all couples should celebrate their love for each others everyday not only on this Valentine's Day which is ridiculous. Like good students, we celebrated earlier due to exams this week. Boo! I didn't get enough sleep, but let's hope I can catch up by napping after that. I really don't want to look like a dead person.

Last night, we drove to Larchmount Grill in LA for their delicious pasta and free bread. Lobster Mac and Cheese and Chef Al’s Hearty Bolognese.
That was what we ate all night then had awesome ice cream at Neveux Artisan Creamery. This ice cream parlor surely beat Ben and Jerry! Their flavors were strange, but so good that I could buy two gallons of Salted Caramel and Roasted Banana. So goddamn good. A guy behind the bar was so sweet and offered us water. Pepper Peach was strong, but try it when you visit there (:

We wanted to play around with my camera so we did the bulb exposure just for fun. My first time! (: The last picture was on accident and it was spooky.
Stay tuned on the gift I made for the boy! I was skeptical if he will like it, but he loved it! His gifts to me? Just wait.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

make cake pops

I like cupcakes. I like cakes. I like cookies. I like cake pops! So easy to make (: C'mon, cake pops are already famous so you should know what they are! I made my first batch of cake pops during my senior year in high school for my friend's birthday. Except we didn't use sticks. We used a box shaped like a circle and filled it with white, red, and black cake pops. The result? Pokeball! (: 
Seriously, I swear! It was a great invention, all thanks to Bakerella for creating cake pops. February 1st was declared to be cake pop day. Next year on February 1st, I will make cake pops!

Yesterday, my roommates and I made red velvet cake pops with supplies from a friend who wasn't able to be there with us. Excuse our deformed cake pops, imperfect cake pops are my favorite. They tasted wonderful (:

So how do I make cake pops? Here's the original recipe. Yummy (: Oh yeah, since we didn't have styrofoam block, that's what we used..
We are the geniuses.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

take your dog to the park

Want to hear something funny? I never take my dog, Tyson to park like ever.

1. I don't drive.
2. My dog cries if Mom isn't with him
3. I get spooked when walking on my street.

The boy suggested that we go to park together and walk Tyson. I don't mind! Oh, I am the poop carrier while he walks Tyson. I am pro at my cool job. We mainly walked and enjoyed the scene. Want to hear something funnier? I wore flip flop to the park.

Nothing will stop me! I want to snap some pictures for my assignment (again!) It's hard to find something good during the daylight. I had to jump and squirm to capture the pictures. Tyson is the star in most of my pictures.
Tyson is becoming shaggier everyday.

take a photography class

My grandpa is a good photographer like really good photographer. Yes, I am bragging. When I was little, I saw those photos on the walls at my grandparents' house and I thought they were paintings. Later, I found out that Grandpa snapped them. I love how he took lovely pictures of landscapes, people, and family (: Now he bought his first digital camera and he seemed to do alright with it. (He is 82 years old!)

I thought it would be great opportunity for me to take a class on campus to learn how to take pictures with this fancy camera. What I don't know is how incredibly tough SLR is. I have to adjust the light and speed, but practice will make it perfect. I borrowed my Dad's Nikon D50 and I am being extra careful with it! I lost and broke my digital cameras at least three times -_- I bring bad luck.

Today, I took few pictures for my assignment. Still more to go! Here is one for today.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

it is the first day of february

I bet you will roll your eyes when you land your eyes on on this term, February
Or maybe your professor will announce, "Hey! It's the first day of February!" 
It means Valentine's Day. 
Or President's Day, but we don't have any classes cancelled. 
Valentine's Day is known as SAD (Single Awareness Day) Isn't this abbreviation awesome? Big kudos to this person who created this word! 
However, I don't think Valentine's Day should be spent with a guy or a girl. It should be well spent with the people you love. Send cute texts to your girlfriends. Big hugs to your parents. Big wet kisses to your little brothers and sisters. All of them to your boyfriend or girlfriend (: I am really excited for this Valentine's Day because I get to make my own gift for the boy! Plus something extra for others (: Let's hope February will be better than the end of January. 
Since it is February, I thought I could share my love story later. It was difficult writing about it because it was horribly long. It took us seven years until we finally got together -_- I hope I can persuade the boy to write this story. He is better with words than I am! More lovey dovey stuff later (: