Sunday, January 1, 2012

new york city, i love you

I really miss New York City. I fell hard for those tall buildings, busy streets, outrageously delicious food, lights in time square, tiny apartments, museums, and fast walkers. You probably will roll your eyes and scoff. Honestly, I don't mind living in this city. Something clicked between this city and me. Things that I don't love about New York City are cold winter days, subway (I suck at directions), and being alone during nights (Guess what? Los Angeles have the highest rate of murder than New York City do.) They are the challenges that I have to face if I want to live in this city. What surprised me is that I am willing to pass through those obstacles just to live in this city. It could be something brand new, away from a place I had grown basically in my entire life. It would be a wonderful chapter to remember, living in New York City. My dream. My challenge. My future home?

So to bear NYC within my mind, I will post seven days of sights and places that you must do when you are in NYC! 

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