Friday, January 27, 2012

never carry your iphone with you to laundry

I repeat, NEVER. Lesson learned. Here it goes, I accidently threw or more like tossed my iphone into the washer along with the clothes. Never would it cross across my mind. I was too busy being thrilled that my jeans are finally being washed and they will be tight again! Little did I knew after I pressed colors & white when selecting cycle,  I questioned myself, "Where is my phone?" Ta da! Trapped in the machine being soaked. -_- Thanks friends for suggesting to put it in a pot of rice. There are ugly water stain on my screen.

Look at me freaking out over a phone. It's my life, but I think I can live without it for few days. I am totally not telling Dad after what happened to my old phone falling into toilet.  
See, isn't it a curse having bad luck for a week?

On a brighter note, there was a grand opening of new gym and I can't stop staring and gushing at everything inside this sexy gym! I am going there after writing this post (: However, there are food trucks, jumpers, free snacks, glitter tattoo parlor, photo booth, and more! My friend and I tried out this grilled cheese truck and I ordered brie melt. I AM IN HEAVEN! I already followed this precious truck on twitter (; Follow this god of cheesiness!

I love glitter and tattoos! So my girls and I got them after fighting against the wind.

Have a lovely weekend!

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