Wednesday, January 25, 2012

first week of spring semester

Could my first week be worse? Was it because of 2012? I hope not, but those ridiculous events that happened this week made me wanting to cry. Luckily, good things are happening :) I made so many careless mistakes and I really need to focus.

-Brought the wrong edition when I already knew the professor informed us to buy the correct edition.
-Brought the correct edition online and sent it to my home not my apartment. NOOO.
-Found out that Family Consumer Science as my minor was switched to major. Uh, where's my psychology major?

First week of school can be dramatic, but I know it will go smoothly through the semester. Those mistakes aren't a big deal, but to me, it does. I always made mistakes and I had to freak out nonstop so I want to fix it. Those mistakes are slowly becoming to the solutions, whew.

On the good note, first week of school is always easy! (: Reunited with roommates and bumped into friends on the campus always feel good!

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