Sunday, January 1, 2012

dancing in the public

Or get the party started! :) Happy new year, everyone! In my tradition, we would go visit both sides of the family and eat rice cake soup then bow to the elders. Wishing them a happy new year full of health and happiness will grant us cash! Tee hee.

Few days ago, friends and I went to Pasadena to do a music video inspired by Preston Leatherman. He got skills! Why don't we make a video to celebrate 2012? So we did it! It was awkward and frustrating at first. (I don't know how the heck Preston did that inside the mall!) Later, we became comfortable, just random dancing in front of strangers! I suck at dancing, but it felt good letting it out. It would be cool if we can do flash mob one day :) Enjoy our video!

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