Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hello summer!

Woah, it's been a while since I wrote on my blog. So sorry, readers! So what's up with me? I just finished my finals (: This summer is going to be different, but I'm looking forward to it. Many exciting adventures to be coming! I just got accepted into volunteer program to work with children with autism. I was asked to teach them how to sign language and maybe signing songs together (: for now, I'm gonna relax and watch Gossip Girl while catching up with my family and friends. Graduations are coming for some of my friends and boyfriend. My little brother just came home but he has to go back to Georgia for internship a day before Memorial Day ):

Here is my list that I want to do during the summer :) Let's hope I hit all of those bullet points!

-Get a tattoo
-Hiking to Potato Chip Mountain & Garcia trail
-Drink Fat Tuesday
-Go to Balboa Park
-Take a picture next to Kentucky sign
-See a show in Vegas
-Eat at Bottega Louie & Frostbite

More to visit, but I would rather keep it private :) have a good summer!

Found this sign in one of my favorite store :D

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A classmate of mine gave his presentation today and my jaws dropped. He was certainly talented at photography. His pictures made our pictures looking like a child took them. Haha, but he created his final project into time lapse photography! How cool is that?! He shot 3,000 to 5,000 pictures of Los Angeles in total of six months. Those pictures were so beautiful and I saw the shooting stars! Milky Way, too! I never saw a shooting star -_- I fell asleep easily, but I hope to catch a shooting star and make a wish one day (:

Kudos to you, D.

I am waiting for the professor to upload this film on his blog so I can steal it to show it to all of you! It might take a time, but here's an example on here so enjoy!

Monday, April 30, 2012

cool & sweet

I had a final project for my photography class and I really struggled on which idea to use. I had an idea that I could snap black and white portraits of friends laughing. The theme would be smiling eyes, but it was time-consuming. Maybe I could do it during my free time. So I chose to do this idea which I bought ice cream at different location and had each person holding the ice cream.
I have a love and hate relationship with this camera, but I decide not to purchase one for myself. I like simple and easy things so I won't be impatient and frustrated with myself over this camera. But this class had taught me a lot with new techniques and lessons from the famous photographers. Thank you, ART 151.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

the traveler

I love traveling. Traveling is in our blood. My little brother is studying abroad in Stockholm, starting this fall! Jealous to the max. I always want to study abroad, but those programs at the college I am attending, they suck. Let's hope I will be able to complete my dream by studying abroad in a beautiful country, far away from home (: I want to learn the new language, food, and culture. And share my culture with people of the beautiful country such as Spain, London, Australia, New Zealand, and more. 2013, please hurry!

Lately, I am struggling with myself. After visiting the workshops about grad schools, it hits me that I am so unprepared. It gave me thoughts about what to do after graduating from this school. Go straight to grad school or take a year off? It just feel funny if I don't apply this fall. There are several grad schools that interest me (: BUT. I haven't decided which program I want to be involved in. Oh great. Now I definitely understand why seniors don't want to leave the campus. If I am going to take a year break, I would like to travel and gain experience for my major and maybe finding myself. Just kidding! (: So. Let's hope I will make my own choice sooner.

Anyways, I am looking forward to this summer. I am so excited about flying to Kentucky for my friend's pageant, San Diego for adventures, and lastly, Vegas! But I bet I am going to be very exhausted when I am done with my trips. I am hoping I will make one last trip before my summer ends with my boy (:

Til next time.
 I miss the simplicity of the life.

go to meli's cafe

Oh my goodness. Wtf, the brunch at Meli's Cafe was so good. J and I ordered egg benedicts for our first time. I thought the portions would be small, but nope! The egg benedicts were H U G E. I ordered peanut butter shake after reading the raves on Yelp (My best friend!) So delicious (: Unbelievable, we can't finish our meals.
The wait was long, we were told that we had to wait for around forty minutes. Somehow, we got the table twenty minutes later (: Was it because the servers were afraid that we would go to different place for brunch? Or our faces showed the desperation and hunger? Well, thank you servers for filling us up! (:

Monday, April 16, 2012


Someone, please please please get me this photography book! Professor was showing us examples of photography series on Google. Thanks, Google. So there was a blog post dedicated to Meg Wachter who did the series on food being dumped on her friends. Those emotions of joy, shock, and delight made me happy. It sounds stupid, but I want to look at those pictures whenever I feel down or stressed. See here for more of her work!

Lately, I am still thinking about my final project for photography class. So far, I have an idea, but I am not sure about it. Let's hope I can get an A on my project! Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

find the inspiration

Ellen Stohl.

Google her.

But wait. I want to tell you something about her before you google Ellen Stohl.

She visited the museum in Brazil by herself. She had a vodka shot with an actor from TV show, 24. She got stood up by Charlie Sheen. She was involved in a film in London. She did scuba diving and bungee jumping. She was a model for Playboy magazine.

She sounds like an awesome lady, right?

Now, google her!

Yes, she is in wheelchair. But who cares? She is a human and she didn't let her disability stop her. She was able to do things that she never thought she would do. Those activities I listed above, she did them after her accident. She was only eighteen when she was in car accident.

When she came into my class, I wonder what she would talk about. Mostly sex. Therefore, her story was inspirational and I admired her for her attitude. She is the professor at my school!

So, I totally agreed with her. Seriously, people with disabilities shouldn't let this stupid word stop them. They are just humans and they have the ability to do anything they want. Maybe there is the limit to some people, but so what? You only live once. Grab the perfect opportunity before it's too late. Don't say no. Say yes. Be the yes person. Okay, maybe not YES all time! You get the idea (:

I absolutely love to travel. I am flying to Kentucky this summer to support a friend. Then San Diego for Comic Con and more places to visit like Balboa Park and Potato Chip Mountain in San Diego! Then Las Vegas. Next summer, I really want to explore outside of the country before entering the graduate school. I kept hearing about London and I am dying to go there! I don't mind traveling to Europe by myself. London, Paris, Italy, Greece, and more. I am afraid, but I think it would be awesome going there by myself. So much to plan ahead of time, but hey, you only live once (:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

go to skydeck

Those lyrics described how I felt when I saw the view outside of 103th floor at Skydeck.

Such a feelin's comin' over me
There is wonder in most everything I see
Not a cloud in the sky
Got the sun in my eyes
And I won't be surprised if it's a dream

The timing was perfect because the sun was going down into dusk. Dusk is my favorite time of the day (:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

go to lou malnatis pizzeria

Pizza, how I love thee! Few days ago, my mom and I were shopping at Costco and somehow pizza became our topic. Mom was telling me not to eat too much pizza because it was bad for me. Shush, I still love pizza. I want to do this Big Mama & Papa's Pizzeria challenge as soon as possible!

So, Lou Malnatis. I had a hard time picking which pizzeria to go since Chicago was famous for their deep dish pizza. What about Gino's East? Eh. With the recommendation from a friend, we chose to go to Lou Malnatis and I seriously wanted to hug and thank this friend! The pizza J and I ordered, it was so perfect. Not too thick crust and not too much cheese, it was absolutely perfect! I liked it when the cheese stretched! Yum! We ordered the infamous salad and chocolate chip pizza which was similar to BJ's pizookie. Fatty alert (: Go to this place when you are in Chicago!
 Excuse our faces -_- We had to fight against wind all night, but pizza made our night. See those buffalo wings? Other J ate them.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

go to the great bean

When we walked to Millenium Park, I was amazed by the sculptures hiding in this park. I want to visit there during summer! Lots of water will spray out of nowhere. But our eyes were set on the Great Bean (:

go to united center

Hello! I just came home from Chicago last night (: I am still jetlagged, wtf. But there were only two hours between California and Illinois. Le sigh. This trip was wonderful, I want to thank my friend, J for being patient with my friend, Other J and me. She gave us the tour and provided her house for us to sleep in and everything she did, I am grateful for her to make our trip pleasurable. I hope she had fun with us clueless ladies (: So. Probably, some of you saw pictures from Chicago on Instagram. Best. App. Ever. The first app I look at when I wake up in morning! However, I want to share about each place Other J and I went to. And where we ate at!

It was around 6 AM when my friend, J and I arrived in Chicago. It was so cold and rainy on the first day, but we weren't letting the weather ruining our day. The first thing we did, we drove to McDonald for breakfast! Breakfast is the champ at this fast food place (: After that, we went to United Center to snap pictures with Michael Jordan. I feel cool standing next to the statue of Michael Jordan! More to be coming so keep your eyes glued on here!
Good night (:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

two more days

til I fly to Chicago with mah girls!

So excited that I can't stop daydreaming about the trip! I can't focus in my classes. I can't study for this last exam five hours before my flight. Why?! Packing makes me giddy. Planning makes me dreamy. I think I am mostly looking forward to desserts -_- I hope not, but I get to see the true view of Chicago with my own eyes and spend quality time with those girls (: Back to studying!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

write a play

When I was little, I announced to my parents, friends, and teachers that I will be a writer. I even carried this dumb little notebook with me around so I can write down short stories. I would brag to teachers and interpreters and showed them my stories. During recess, I didn't play. I sat down and wrote in my dumb notebook. So embarrassing. But writing brings great benefits.

In high school, Christmas plays were big. Very big. I was in the play for four years and I loved it. Remember me being a terrible actress? Yeah, I still am. I can't remember if I really wrote one or two plays, but I dearly loved this play that I wrote (or did I?). The theme was Shrek!

Writing brought out the creativity in me. I can't stop writing and there were too many papers scattered around. This Shrek play was so awesome. I loved the cast. I loved the pictures my mother took. The pictures captured the characters out of my friends. I seriously can't stop smiling when I see those pictures. I lost the script, and I can't remember what the story was about. But this play was very special to me because all of us shared the bond. Wearing costumes, eating In-n-Out, taking funny pictures, and teasing our director.

When this play was over, my dad told me that he kept hearing the audience laughing. I loved it. It made me proud knowing that this play happened. People congratulated me. They hugged me. My name was shown on the newspaper for writing this play.

I wrote another play during my senior year. It was about superheroes. Still, Shrek stole my heart. I will never forget the heart I had for this play. So happy it happened.

I hoped I will write and complete a book because it was my childhood dream. Writing a script would be awesome ;)

Enjoy the pictures of my favorite memory.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

be on television/commercial

It was almost three years ago since I was in a commercial. One thing I learned about myself: I am a terrible actress. People kept asking me why I looked so sad. I am supposed to look sad! -_-

Kid me not. If you get me drunk, I promise I will give you the best acting skill that will give the WOW factor. But it was fun experiencing the process and meet the director. He was so gay, but so cute. For only two minutes commercial, it took us two days to finish it. I was baffled by that, but I am amazed by how the staff put their hearts and knowledge in this project.

Seriously, I learned a lot on how it works. Close up of my face was plastered on the screen of televisions so the staff can watch our scenes again and again. I was dressed by Colleen Atwood who won awards for best costume on some movies, isn't it cool?! The people were so nice.

Acting might not one of my favorite thing to do, being on television was checked off on my list (:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

fall in love

It started when I was in sixth grade and him in eighth grade. How did we look? Like that:
HOLY @#$%!, you said. That's right, that's us. Except I was in eighth grade and him as freshman in high school in this picture. I still can't get over how skinny I was and how small my eyes were! How the heck did my eyes get bigger? No circle lens, I swear. As for this boy, no comment.

You know how middle schoolers do. Teasing, crying, flirting, and rest of teenager stuff. He teased me a lot, but I think I was called as his Grandma -_- However, I thought he was adorable, but I was super shy at this time. I barely talked to him! So I avoided him most of the time.

Fast forward to when he went to high school. We stayed in touch by texting and emailing. I was such a noob with texting. I was slow at texting! My first cell phone was a flip phone so you know how annoying T9 was, right? My parents, mainly Mum was strict on me and lil bro. No TV and internet and AIM. My life sucked.
However, back to the story, he and I emailed to each others a lot. What else? Oh, someone with a big mouth told me that he liked me. I was surprised because we barely see each others. We rode in different bus so we didn't see each others much. We still remained in touch.

Fast forward to my freshman year. There he was. Again, I was avoiding him. Because I knew he liked me and he didn't know that I knew. Our friends already knew about him liking me. Very awkward. Nobody knew that I knew. Very very awkward. I remember that time, someone told me to hug him for few seconds. Few seconds?! I think he was secretly excited at this time. Like how he finally got a hug from a girl he liked. Still friends.
Fast forward to Valentine's Day. He surprised me with a dozen red roses and a beautiful poem. I still keep it! He had a talent at writing poems. On this day, I rejected him. I was flattered by his gifts, but it made me uncomfortable. Maybe I was not ready. I still haven't told him.

Sadie was drawing near. Girls were supposed to ask boys to the dance, but I didn't ask anyone. He waited for me to ask him so he did everything in his power to make me his date. Somehow, he became the third wheel with my girlfriend and me. I will never forget this pink shirt story! I thought that we would better be friends. I was sure that he would find a girl better than me. So I told him in person that I would like us to be friends.
The biggest mistake. This year was his junior year. After this day, he went through the phase. What phase, you ask? Emo phase. Nah, not black eyeliner. He mostly listened to emo music and grew his hair longer. I felt bad, but I moved on.

Suddenly, before the summer came, he liked someone else. The burden on my shoulders finally lifted up. It made me feel better knowing that he had moved ahead. It was a perfect time for us because we can finally talk as friends.
It was getting weirder because we instantly became close friends and we would randomly talked about anything. From stories, advices, and arguments. He was still dating this girl he liked, but people kept saying that we fought like an old married couple. Slowly, we hung out often and became best friends. Beside, my best girl friend, of course.

He graduated from the high school. It was a happy night for him. I didn't develop any feelings for him. First year in college for him and junior year for me. We texted, emailed, and webcammed to each other a lot. I missed him a lot. He was so easy to talk to and I can tell him about everything without him judging me.
The connection between this girl and him dropped. I helped him getting back on his feet and he continued on his studies. School year went by fast. More visits from him. I asked him to be my date for Sadie. My inspiration came from The Office.
We still hung out. This time, he tried to confess to me! But I kept ignoring him then it hits me one day. I really really like him. I never noticed it all of the time.
Few days before my birthday, my friends and he surprised me at Claim Jumper. One of my favorite places before it became shitty.
We agreed that this picture was the worst picture of ourselves. Look at us -_-

He drove me home and all the time I wasn't listening to him. I was thinking to myself, "Should I tell him? No, not now. Or now?" When I came out of the car, he offered to walk me to the door. Reaching the door, I thanked him for a great birthday then hugged him. At this moment, it was him who admitted that he liked me. He was afraid to tell the truth because I might reject him for the third time.

Well, for the third time, I accepted him. He was the same dorky kid I knew back in the sixth grade, but somehow, I fell for him through those years.

We went on our first date. He asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes. We said good bye before he went back to college. Back to video chats, texts, and emails. Long distance relationship was hard. We were only a hour away from each other, but hey, it was tough for us! Once, we hadn't seen each other for a month. Oh man.
Senior year. Sadies. Prom. Anniversary. College. Adventures. In love.
Three years and five months had passed. He will graduate this semester and I will graduate next year. It was amazing how much we had grown since our days in middle school. Did we change? Yes, mainly his smile and my eyes and our hairstyles. Just kidding! Sometimes, I was afraid that our spark will fade away. School and work keep us busy, but he said that it will not stop here. Surprises and adventures will come ahead of us. I can't wait (: Remember something from our love story, the one you are waiting for, he or she might be standing right in front of you. Take your chance because you only live once.

Happy three years and six months, babe.