Thursday, December 29, 2011

meet your online friends

Your parents might tell you NO NO NO. Dating and befriending online, don't do it! (I have funny stories about online dating, but I would rather not share on here.) 
I saw this movie entitled, Trust. It scared me a lot and it might open your eyes about sexual abuse so go watch it. Yahoo! chatroom was the worst. I remembered myself being curious so I went into a chatroom and a first thing someone asked me, "ASL?" I was like, American Sign Language? Nope, it was Age, Sex, and Location. Ha ha. I made up my ASL to this weirdo so he won't stalk me. Afterwards, I never went back to Yahoo! chatroom again.

Did I befriend with someone from online like Myspace? Yes, I did. It was a small world! She just added me out of somewhere, but we had mutual friends. I thought to myself, "She would not hurt or kill me, right?" It turned out that she was a nice girl! We talked online about dumb stuff, but we loved swimming so much that we talked nonstop about water. Being Myspace friends, it felt safe. We never met in person until years later. We still remained friends.

Oh hey, 2011 is almost over! Ready for 2012? :)

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Anonymous said...

AHAHAH ASL! I thought the same thing!!
i refused to tell that person. so he gave up hahaha