Saturday, December 31, 2011

goodbye 2011

2011, you had been so good to me. I had grown closer to certain people around me. I flew to somewhere new and far away from home. There were many little gems hiding that we grew to love such as Wrappidup. I did many "first time" things in 2011. There are downsides of 2011 like Mom having breast cancer and Grandpa developing Parkinson's disease. Please pray for them to continue being healthy and strong through 2012. I am really excited to see what 2012 is bringing for me. 
My new year's resolutions are:
-exercise often.
-read 50+ books.
-new exciting adventures!
-enlarge my creativity.
-bake more yummy cupcakes!
-find internship.
-cherish and love every second of my life. 
What are your new year's resolutions? :) I want to know!
See you next year!

First time painting a cup for the boy.

Sponsor for a friend for the pageant.

Double dates at LACMA.

First time making a red velvet cake from scratch.


New York City for spring break and I ended up falling in love with this city.
In love with Rice to Riches, NY

Spring banquet.

Came home to surprise Mum and had brunch for Mother's Day.

Road trip to San Francisco with pals. Those hills were killing me.

Celebrated Memorial's Day at the beach. Probably the biggest crowd ever. This picture showed only one fourth!
Rock climbing and jumped off the pole. Check.
4th of July. Cool hats, aren't they?
 Met Blake Griffin!
Boiling Crab! I went there a lot this year. Damn me fattie.
 Birthday dinner at Tap's with the family.
OC Fair! 
August babies.

Three years anniversary at Dana Point Harbor, casino, and Angels stadium.
 Tim Burton exhibit!
 Made pb&j macarons/cookies for everyone.
 Deafestival. I really like this picture of us pretty ladies.
Suggested Wrappidup for dinner and everyone fell in love with this little place. Mostly guys.
Carved our pumpkins for the first time. With no help!
RIP Steve Jobs.

Halloween & first time wearing red lipstick!
Our new favorite picture of us.

On an episode of Let's Make a Deal!

Level 3.

My new BP partner. 

 Thanksgiving dinner.


Dancing in the public. Video coming soon! :)
Clippers vs Bulls. Opening game!
 Last picture of myself in 2011.

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