Wednesday, December 21, 2011

go to disneyland

Our Christmas card :) Merry Christmas!

Of course, who would say no to Disneyland?! Truly the happiest place on Earth. It just gives you the magical feelings. I love seeing my favorite Disney characters walking around and oh those rides! Growing up, I went there once or twice a year on school days, holidays, and birthdays. There are tons of tourists flying to California just to go to Disneyland like from Hawaii and Holland. Long lines aren't awesome, but with a fun company, your trip will be pleasant. So please come to Disneyland and remember your childhood :)

Here are some highlights of Disneyland that I would NEVER get tired of! Mix of every trip I made to Disneyland.

Beautiful castle & make sure to watch the fireworks!

 It was snowing in Disneyland!

 It's a small world. Love the lights!


 Someone buy me that Minnie ears! Gold, please ;)

 Only in California Adventures!
Improving every time I goes there :D To beat him is on my bucket list!

From California Adventures, World of Colors! So beautiful.

 Always try their clam chowder. So good that I could die of happiness.

Disneyland is the only place that let me drive :)

 Spinning teacups!

What are you waiting for? Get off your chair and off to Disneyland!

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