Monday, December 19, 2011

give people a reason(s) to remember my name.

Me, you ask?

I am just Kimberly.
Or Kimb, the name everyone calls me that.

Why should you remember my name?

The reason(s) why you should remember my name is because...

I am a klutz. 
I make the world sweeter with expertise in baking ;)
Pizza make me happy. 
I watch and own too many TV shows, but Friends and The Office always make me laugh.
I think I have a weird laugh.
I like to collect snowglobes and Disney princess movies.
Never ask me to decide. I am horrible at making decisions.
I currently have five cameras.
I like to be creative, and I adore talented crafty people.
 I can sew, knit, and make the magic, but I can be lazy.
I like to dry my roses and hang them on my wall. But orchids are my favorite.
I am Leo the lion.
I love reading wedding proposals and gawking at wedding pictures.
I like autumn and I dislike winter.
My dream is to live in New York City, but who knows?
I like to travel.
If I have to describe myself as animal, I would be koala.
I can't stand killing spiders and someone has to kill them for me.
I cry at movies. And books. And almost everything. Crybaby forever.
My right eye is smaller than my left eye. 
Never been kissed remains as my favorite movie. 
Breakfast is the best meal of the day.
I am very nice so don't be afraid of my neutral expressions.
I love making lists. 
I love the bright colors.
I like to wear black.
I used to have straight hair, but I am going through awkward phase with wavy hair now.
Swimming was the only sport I played in high school. Still a hardcore swimmer.
I am impatient and waiting makes me grumpy. Being cranky at 4AM isn't awesome.
I am a good listener and always being there for people in my life.
I am very stubborn.

So there are my reasons why you should remember my name, Kimb :)
So nice to meet you and welcome to my blog.
My bucket list starts here!


janicee! said...

hope your new blog is the last one! ahaha
love your blog! :D

janicee! said...

btw, thats true you are such a great listener whenever i need to vent out!

heck yes, we adore crafty people!

Kimb said...


Jiyoung said...

Haha stay with this one! Cute post btw :)