Thursday, December 22, 2011

be on game show

Want to be on Let's Make a Deal? Ready for it?
9 o' clock in the morning. Foggy. Let me see your tickets. Sign your name. Do you want to play? Yes! Nah! Take a picture. Sit. Stand. Move. Interview time. What is your name? Tell me a bit about you. We are from CSUN. Dance for us. Move. Sit. Sunny. People watching. Long line for bathroom. Four hours. Costumes.

This process took four hours until we finally got into the studio. It was amazing seeing how this show worked. So fun! Flapper, samurai, karate girl, Wenda, nerds, and French fry ready to conquer.  Clapping and cheering and smiling were a lot of work! See this French fry? He was a contestant for this show! :) It was aired on December 15th. Definitely doing it again next time! How about Price is Right? Maybe. To get tickets, go to here!

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