Saturday, December 31, 2011

goodbye 2011

2011, you had been so good to me. I had grown closer to certain people around me. I flew to somewhere new and far away from home. There were many little gems hiding that we grew to love such as Wrappidup. I did many "first time" things in 2011. There are downsides of 2011 like Mom having breast cancer and Grandpa developing Parkinson's disease. Please pray for them to continue being healthy and strong through 2012. I am really excited to see what 2012 is bringing for me. 
My new year's resolutions are:
-exercise often.
-read 50+ books.
-new exciting adventures!
-enlarge my creativity.
-bake more yummy cupcakes!
-find internship.
-cherish and love every second of my life. 
What are your new year's resolutions? :) I want to know!
See you next year!

First time painting a cup for the boy.

Sponsor for a friend for the pageant.

Double dates at LACMA.

First time making a red velvet cake from scratch.


New York City for spring break and I ended up falling in love with this city.
In love with Rice to Riches, NY

Spring banquet.

Came home to surprise Mum and had brunch for Mother's Day.

Road trip to San Francisco with pals. Those hills were killing me.

Celebrated Memorial's Day at the beach. Probably the biggest crowd ever. This picture showed only one fourth!
Rock climbing and jumped off the pole. Check.
4th of July. Cool hats, aren't they?
 Met Blake Griffin!
Boiling Crab! I went there a lot this year. Damn me fattie.
 Birthday dinner at Tap's with the family.
OC Fair! 
August babies.

Three years anniversary at Dana Point Harbor, casino, and Angels stadium.
 Tim Burton exhibit!
 Made pb&j macarons/cookies for everyone.
 Deafestival. I really like this picture of us pretty ladies.
Suggested Wrappidup for dinner and everyone fell in love with this little place. Mostly guys.
Carved our pumpkins for the first time. With no help!
RIP Steve Jobs.

Halloween & first time wearing red lipstick!
Our new favorite picture of us.

On an episode of Let's Make a Deal!

Level 3.

My new BP partner. 

 Thanksgiving dinner.


Dancing in the public. Video coming soon! :)
Clippers vs Bulls. Opening game!
 Last picture of myself in 2011.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

meet your online friends

Your parents might tell you NO NO NO. Dating and befriending online, don't do it! (I have funny stories about online dating, but I would rather not share on here.) 
I saw this movie entitled, Trust. It scared me a lot and it might open your eyes about sexual abuse so go watch it. Yahoo! chatroom was the worst. I remembered myself being curious so I went into a chatroom and a first thing someone asked me, "ASL?" I was like, American Sign Language? Nope, it was Age, Sex, and Location. Ha ha. I made up my ASL to this weirdo so he won't stalk me. Afterwards, I never went back to Yahoo! chatroom again.

Did I befriend with someone from online like Myspace? Yes, I did. It was a small world! She just added me out of somewhere, but we had mutual friends. I thought to myself, "She would not hurt or kill me, right?" It turned out that she was a nice girl! We talked online about dumb stuff, but we loved swimming so much that we talked nonstop about water. Being Myspace friends, it felt safe. We never met in person until years later. We still remained friends.

Oh hey, 2011 is almost over! Ready for 2012? :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

go on a hike

So. People think I am not a outside gal, but I like the nature. My family and I traveled to different states and national parks in West and Central. Most of the time, we just walked and smiled for the pictures Dad took. If you looked through the pictures, it was like Dad didn't exist in our lives. Just a stranger taking our pictures. Anyways, I had been to Yosemite, Yellowstone, Sequoia, Mammoth, Mt. Rushmore, Grand Canyon, and blah blah. I found nothing in Oregon. Seattle, Washington was my favorite family trip because of Space Needle! Still awesome trips. We haven't gone on a family trip since I went to college. Hopefully, after little brother's graduation and Mom returning to her health, we will finally have a family vacation!

One thing that I have never tried with the nature surrounding us: hiking. I had seen Rainbow Waterfall and Devil's Postpile in Mammoth and they required lots of walking through the desert. But hiking through the wildness and shaking stones, not my kind of thing. I like to walk on the flat ground, thank you very much. With the help, we took less than two hours to get to the location which was a waterfall. It was a cool view. Would I hike again? Let's just see what will happen.

Monday, December 26, 2011

have someone win me a giant stuffed animal

Raise your hand if you had been to Orange Country Fair. Say aye!

Annually or most of the time, I went to this fair during the summer just to enjoy the fried oreos and win stuffed animals. I have to say, those games were rip-off. I didn't know why we still paid to play! Those prizes were eye-catching and it made me wanting to win one so bad. Thanks to the boy, he won a big stuffed toy for me. I have too many stuffed animals in my room, but I still cherished my collection of beanie babies. I know you owned one or two so don't lie.
Can't wait for next summer! Prizes get better every year.

I hope your Christmas went wonderful :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

be on game show

Want to be on Let's Make a Deal? Ready for it?
9 o' clock in the morning. Foggy. Let me see your tickets. Sign your name. Do you want to play? Yes! Nah! Take a picture. Sit. Stand. Move. Interview time. What is your name? Tell me a bit about you. We are from CSUN. Dance for us. Move. Sit. Sunny. People watching. Long line for bathroom. Four hours. Costumes.

This process took four hours until we finally got into the studio. It was amazing seeing how this show worked. So fun! Flapper, samurai, karate girl, Wenda, nerds, and French fry ready to conquer.  Clapping and cheering and smiling were a lot of work! See this French fry? He was a contestant for this show! :) It was aired on December 15th. Definitely doing it again next time! How about Price is Right? Maybe. To get tickets, go to here!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

go to disneyland

Our Christmas card :) Merry Christmas!

Of course, who would say no to Disneyland?! Truly the happiest place on Earth. It just gives you the magical feelings. I love seeing my favorite Disney characters walking around and oh those rides! Growing up, I went there once or twice a year on school days, holidays, and birthdays. There are tons of tourists flying to California just to go to Disneyland like from Hawaii and Holland. Long lines aren't awesome, but with a fun company, your trip will be pleasant. So please come to Disneyland and remember your childhood :)

Here are some highlights of Disneyland that I would NEVER get tired of! Mix of every trip I made to Disneyland.

Beautiful castle & make sure to watch the fireworks!

 It was snowing in Disneyland!

 It's a small world. Love the lights!


 Someone buy me that Minnie ears! Gold, please ;)

 Only in California Adventures!
Improving every time I goes there :D To beat him is on my bucket list!

From California Adventures, World of Colors! So beautiful.

 Always try their clam chowder. So good that I could die of happiness.

Disneyland is the only place that let me drive :)

 Spinning teacups!

What are you waiting for? Get off your chair and off to Disneyland!